Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Trinity keep students safe?
During the school day everyone must check in through the school office. All interior doors that are accessible to visitors are locked, and all exterior doors are locked and accessible by a buzzer system. The preschool door is locked and accessible by a buzzer system. Students are taught proper security procedures for internet use.

Does Trinity use Common Core curriculum?
No.  The textbooks that are used in the classroom are Common Core, due to the fact that textbooks manufacturers are no longer publishing non-Common Core books.  However, our teachers have the flexibility and knowledge to alter the content in what is actually taught during class to align with our classroom curriculum as per each grade level.

What is the dress code?
Students are expected to wear modest clothing that is clean and in good repair. Details are outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

How does the hot lunch program work?
Trinity operates a well-balanced hot lunch program prepared on-site. Monthly menus are printed in Tiger Talk and available on our website. Students may choose “hot lunch” or “cold lunch” from home on a day to day basis. Free and reduced cost lunches are available.

What are the homework expectations?
Average is 10 minutes per grade each day.

How does the school keep in contact with parents?
Trinity Lutheran School places a high value on communication with our school families and utilizes a number of communications methods to share information including the Tiger Talk weekly e-newsletter, TeacherEase online grade book, classroom newsletters (K-4), Alerts Made Easy, and Facebook. 

Where can more information on these topics be found?
View the Parent/Student Handbook for more details.

For more information contact:

Principal: Zack Klug 217.787.2323
School Secretary: Stephanie Poorman 217.787.2323
Preschool Director: Rebecca Logan 217.787.2323
Resource Teacher: Rosalyn Bone 217.787.2323
Extended Care: Sara Oppermann 217.787.2323
Hot Lunch: Kathy Friday 217.787.2323
Senior Pastor: Rev. Paul Hemenway 217.787.2323 
Associate Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Holmes 217.787.2323