Trinity Lutheran School’s Early Childhood Program uses a combination of the Illinois Early Learning Standards and One in Christ curriculum. Trinity offers a strong foundation for kindergarten through exposure the following:

Spiritual Growth - Trinity's early childhood students learn about God's love through Bible stories, songs, and prayers. We share our love for Jesus through community service projects, our Christmas service, and leading chapel services.

Language Arts - Children work with letter recognition, letter sounds, and symbols to begin the reading process. Students are given opportunities to experiment with print, phonics, name recognition, and other alphabet-related activities. Daily lessons include a variety of books and stories from many genres. Non-fiction books are used in the classrooms to enhance themes and learning experiences. 

Mathematics - The math curriculum includes number sense, patterns, measurement, geometry, predictions, and data collection. Students practice number recognition and counting during daily calendar time. Math manipulatives and games are used to foster number sense development. Shape pieces, geoboards, and art materials are used to learn more about geometry and patterning. Child-generated charts, graphing games, and class prediction activities are also worked into daily lessons.

Science - Trinity Preschool students investigate the world through life science, physical science, earth science, and space activities. The science curriculum encourages curiosity as children focus on a variety of topics including plants, animals, insects, dinosaurs, space, and weather. Experiments are conducted, data is collected and discussed, and children are encouraged to communicate, collaborate and share ideas.

Physical Education - Gross motor play opportunities are offered twice daily on the playground or in the gym. Children are given a variety of materials to use to enhance physical development. Healthy eating habits are encouraged at meals and snack time. Body awareness and care are also taught.

Fine Arts - Cutting skills, drawing, painting, and other fine motor activities are included in the curriculum. Themed projects are planned and children are given the opportunity to express their creativity with art materials. Students also learn about famous artists and their works through the volunteer-led Art Outreach program offered at Trinity Lutheran School.

Play - Trinity Preschool offers a play-based preschool program. Play is integrated throughout the school day; giving children the opportunities they need to build, imagine, pretend, run, and climb. In addition to free play time and learning area times in the classrooms, children play on the playground or in the gym twice daily.

Technology - Children have the opportunity to use age-appropriate activities and lessons using technology.

Spanish - Trinity Preschool students receive weekly lessons in Spanish. The Spanish curriculum encourages communication through songs, stories, and games.


Trinity's comprehensive early childhood curriculum, combined with our commitment to playtime, allows our students to develop the important social and problem-solving skills they will need for future success.