Women's Bible Study


Women's Bible Study

Sunday Morning Women's Bible Study

We are called to be daughters and wives, sisters and friends, mothers and grandmas. We are called to be volunteers, employees, citizens, and leaders. And as we fill these various roles, we are to be intuitive, creative, persistent, supportive, and productive.  Is it any wonder that we may also be tired and crabby? This nine-session Bible study helps the Christian woman put all of these roles, characteristics, and emotions into perspective. Each session focuses on one fruit of the Spirit and considers how the lives and stories of nine biblical women convey that characteristic. Join us on Sunday mornings as we study Golden Fruit: Living the Fruit of the Spirit. 

Tuesday Morning Ladies' Bible Study

All ladies are invited to attend the Tuesday Morning Ladies' Bible Study. This group meets at the homes of its attendees, rotating the location throughout the year. For more information including the location of the next session, please contact Mary Denham at .